Friday 7 September 2012

Insomnia (caught in the nothingness) Poem by GeorgirGirlArt



I'm laid here awake in the nothingness
Surrouded by the dark
With nothing but my own madness for company
Waiting, waiting patiently for you to come & take me.

The pitch of the night envelopes me
Pulls me in tight & still you don't come
Still I don't sleep as you hold me here in the nothingness
My body limp from tiredness, my brain tuned into my reality, my life.

As colours pass across my half shut lids I think of you
I wait for you, I beg for you to come to me to hear my pleas
Then the colours fade & darkness once again takes over
Until again it has me in its nothingness.

A world where the dark in the night sky is prominet
A place from where the moon shines brightly
A world I should not exist in
Yet you return me here again & again.

When tiredness feels like sanity draining from my mind
I lay there in the nothingness & the dark
I close my eyes & pull in close the pitch dark
I stop the march of thoughts that casscade through my mind

Before I know it after hours of hope
you've wrapped me up in a little dream boat
You've come & you've taken me just as I asked
Thank you for letting me sleep at last.


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