Friday 5 October 2012

Who Knew Peeing Was So Dangerous (Nimble Fingers & Lightening Fast Responses)


I strained my back going for a wee !

I need to somewhat explain this sentence :)

I woke this morning with a full bladder nowt unusual in that, I was stiff from Fibro & Dercums, nowt unusal with that.  So I podded slowly along the hall to the bathroom but side on like a crab as I was pulling my pelvic floor up in the hopes of not peeing on the new landing carpet (not that I'd of been more willing had it been old).

I gently sat on the loo allowing my heavy bladder to empty, as I took a piece of toilet paper in my hand I forgot to fully rip along the tear line meaning I accidently pulled the roll off & it tumbled to the floor.

My natural response as you would was to lean forwards & pick up the loo roll, as I reached the furthest part of the lean a piercing pain shot up from the muscle to the left of my tail bone.

Grabbing hold of the disabled rail that surrounds the toilet I try to get up off the toilet. I didn't bargain on the pain I was about experience (bearing in mind my pants where still around my ankles) I dropped back down onto the toilet, while my feet shot forwards Ouch bloody Ouch so now not only do I have intense back pain, my feet are now entangled in my pants (pj bottoms) on a tiled floor.

Unable to lean to untangle my feet I wriggled them around until they where free & I knew I'd b safe to attempt standing again.  As I eased up & soon realised no way was I gonna be able to stand up straight.

Sticking my head outta the bathroom door to enquire where there any non family members in the house me & my bare asse took teenie weenie tiny steps back to bed.

With the help of the hubby I was soon clothed again, a warm drink & an awesome cocktail of pain relief.  I watched TV for a while but noticed even the smallest movements caused me to whince with pain.  I decided no movement would be the only way I could be pain free.

When I say immobile meant pain free I wasn't joking, to the point I kinda forgot the next time I needed a wee, trying to sit up in my 'normal' way - the pain was tear inducing & I nearly peed myself.

Standing as slowly as the pain would allow me I managed using furniture
 to go to the toilet.  Glad for my rail I was able to get off the toilet (this tme no more incidents with my wonderful nimble fingers & lightening fast reactions) I actually felt like I was going backwards in time while I made my way back to my bedroom.

Once again laid down I realised immobile didn't equate to pain free, I formulated that if I went to sleep my brain would disconnect from the pain forget it existed & I'd be pain free. I found the most comfortable possition I could & fell asleep.

Sadly I'm awake but not pain free, its a severe muscle spasm. Who knew that taking a pee could be so dangerous.

Xx Georgie

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