Thursday 6 December 2012

Most Hated Class In Society

If I ever imagined id not b able to #SelfSupport I wouldnt of had my wonderful children as id want a different life for them than my own raised in the last recession.

You see when I had my children I was working fulltime & continued part time for the 1st year of their lives b4 going fulltime again.

I was living with & plannin on marrying their dad until i found out he was having an affair so I left.

I became a single mom on benefits with 2 children aged 1 & 2.  I got no financial support from their dad at all.

3 years later I meet my now husband. We where both working and had just moved into our own house (council not private).

We decided to have a baby together and I worked right up until the birth. Although I had to go part time in my 2nd trimester due to how poorly id started to feel.

Our son was born on 3rd January 2001 8 weeks early by emergency csection leaving me traumatised and as we would soon learn disabled.

Now unable to work even part time hours due to the crippling & progressive nature of my disabilities I find myself with a majority being called scrounging scum.

Scum that David Cameron & his cronies feel are lowering Britains standards.  Scum that should be humiliated & villified for claiming the hard earned tax of those that work & contribute to society.

It wasnt my fault my 1st partner couldnt keep it in his pants.  Its not my fault my son was born prematurley leading to the surgery that would disable me.

I am a qualified professional, I didnt spend 4yrs training & working my asse off to sit at home sponging off the nation.

Its not my husbands fault that he has a disabled wife which means he has become my fulltime carer (he is a qualified cabinet maker).

Yet here I am claiming benefits for me the hubby and 3 children & living in a council house. Not the future id had planned out in my head for sure.

I and many, many others are in the same situation yet have done nothing wrong. We are cruelly ripped to bits by government and mislabelled as work shy scroungers when in fact that is far from the truth.

Am I ashamed im on benefits? No im not because iv done nothing wrong. All my children where born into 2 parent, fulltime working homes. Iv never been workshy.

When I first became single I missed work awfully I found I was bored which eventually caused depression. I HATED not having enough money to buy what I wanted when I wanted it.

As soon as I was settled into a new relationship the first thing I did was go back to work. I loved the independence the money the freedom of buying nice things without wondering what id have to go without.

With my now hubby we where both working, and had settled into a new home. We had security so chose to have a baby.  I planned on doing what id done with my youngest two again. Work part time till they turned 1.

But as iv explained the birth of this baby that we could afford to have led to the disabling disability that has caused my life to grind to a halt.

So ashamed no im not, sad yes because I had plans dreams goals ideas for my life and what I wanted from it.

Yet because life and its shit happened to me all beyond my control I am one of the most hated class in society!


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