Saturday 1 September 2012

Call it by it's name & quicker action is the desired result . . .


Dealing With The Doctor's !

When all my problem's first started they tried to get me to think it was all in my head & hey yanno what they nearly did.  I was severely depressed, everthing that could hurt, hurt, ache, ached. The fatigue was so bad I'd fall asleep on public transport, struggle to stay awake at family gatherings, then when I did sleep I couldn't wake up.

I'd fall into some kind of comatosed sleep, my family would manage to wake me for a few minutes at a time to check on me & I won't even remember.  All of the illnesses I have that are aggravated by stress where very prominent in my daily life.  I was stuck in a vicious circle pain, fatigue, depression - depression equalled prolonged pain, fatigue & more depression.

Until that is my mom was dx with fibro & realised all of a sudden what was wrong with me.  I immediately got an appointment with a Rheumatologist now not all rhuem's believe in fibro as an illness no matter how many times your arthritis results come back negative.  Phone the receptionist of rhuem consultants in your area & ask does their boss deal with fibro patients if she says not really say "thank's for your time" & put the phone down.

It is essential to get a rhuem that believes in fibro - the news for me was yes no mistaking it I had fibro.  Wow the relief I felt was amazing I had a name for what was wrong with me & with that name came an acceptance from my doc's meaning I was given better treatment. That's where I began to realise they where trying to treat my fibro as a whole.

I decided I couldn't just go the doctor n say that pain in my chest cus that could be a few things I needed to go & say "my costochondritis is blah blah blah.

"I have blah blah in my muscuskeletal system"

"my osteoarthritis is playing up" not just my hands hurt (as any of my conds can have that effect.   I know my hands I know what is fibro & what is my arthritis.  The pain is different also the way my hands react to that pain.

Also the mega important bit a doctor that will listen to you, a consistent doctor (as seeing many at a surgery can lead to disagreements b'tween doctors & having ur meds changed with no notice) !

I had found a GP that listened, knew my background, drug list, tolerances, but I realised I was being to general with him, he had often said he "isn't a FMS expert".  I wondered if maybe he expected me to know the names of all the seperate complaints I have that make up Fibromyalgia & Dercums Disease.

I studied the musculoskeltal system & started to study only the places in which I am affected then compared my symptoms to relative names ie: the severe chest pain had is costochondritis - it was also really important not just to say chest pain. Detail a doctor that cares & wants to help need proper details to dx us.

My chest pain was also, shoulder pain, burning, muscular spasms - calling it by its name also made a difference the doctor after me suffering for years with "chest pain" gave me drugs for costochondritis :)

I have found that putting that little bit of effort in when I see my doc's has led to a much better relationship.  I feel supported by them & I have been told a few times now "our job would be so much easier if more patients where like you" fab compliment to know that I am helping & educating my doc's in what my conditions are really made up of.  Of course in the process getting what I need "the correct treatment & a lil understanding" !  because that's all iv ever wanted from them xx



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